2.62 Grass Tutorial

I made this grass as a test and posted it over at Blender Cookie and people really liked it. They wanted to know the settings I used to make it, so here it is.

1.On the second layer model 4 piece’s of grass.(Origin should be at the bottom)
2.UV unwrap all the grass to your texture image. (The one above is from cgtextures)
3.Apply the material node set-up above to the grass. (Or whatever material you want)
4.Select all the grass and group them together. (Ctrl G)
5.Name the group. (Bottom of the 3D tool shelf. “T menu”)

1.Create a ground plane, like the one above. (notice how large it is)
2.Map a dirt texture to the ground plane and tile it until the scale is right.(not shown)
* You won’t see much of the texture, but some will show through the grass.

1.With the ground plane selected, add a particle system.
2.Apply the settings above.
3.Make sure you attach the grass group you just created in the “Dupli Group” setting.
4.You may need to alter the number of particles and children, depending on the size of your scene.
5.Adjust the “Hair Length” under Emission, and “Size” under Render to affect the size and scale of your grass.

I hope this helps someone, and it would be cool to see what you guys come up with. If there are any problems, feel free to ask. Have fun!!:eyebrowlift2:

 p.s. If your grass is laying down or the rotation is wrong, you have to select the grass and change the rotation in EDIT MODE. Rotating in object mode will have no effect on the grass particles.

This is the result…

Might I suggest to try to add a translucent shader node in there somewhere? I remember Andrew price saying it was the key to making nature realistic in BI, so maybe it applies to Cycles too. (Not saying that your image is bad, but it might be even better)

But nice and simple tut.

If you look at the node setup, there is a translucent shader. It can be mixed to whatever value you want.

Wow, i feel like an idiot. I cant believe I didnt see it there… I thought it was a diffuse… facepalm

No worries! I think we’re all here to help when we can. I’m glad your willing to bring those kinds of things up when you notice them. I don’t know everything, and don’t mind being corrected when i’m wrong. Thanks!!

thats not “not bad”, thats AWESOME XD

ill use it for my cow, thanks for tut.

anyway . . if you mind make a vid tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking about making some video tutorials, but I’m not really ready at the moment. I need a decent mic before I would even think of doing one.

I already have a few other ideas for tuts besides this grass, so I will be looking into it soon.

Nice work on this grass. Incidentally… Nice microphone for this type of work is the Samson C01U, or its current version. It is a $100 usb condenser mic. No pre-amp or other special equipment needed.

I’m feeling pretty awesome today, hope you are too.