2.62 motion tracker acting shady

So I tracked some footage the other day I got an error of .5, great! I tracked that same footage today, same marker types and everything were placed, now it says error is 125…

But the thing is, I’m looking at the trackers and they’re staying attached the right pixels perfectly. Anyone else having this problem?

Are you certain all the trackers are stable? Because a single unstable tracker can cause huge problems. You can check a tracker’s value simply by selecting it. Also, make sure you’ve set a correct focal length. If you’re uncertain, you can simply increase or decrease it until you get a reasonable error value. You can also let Blender estimate the focal length by - under the option ‘Refine’ - switching from ‘Nothing’ to ‘Focal Length’.

Yeah I’ve got their values turned on and it’s all kinda huge numbered values. What’s weird is, when I got the .5 I didn’t even touch the camera sensor data, adjusting to the correct setting didn’t make much of a difference on the error rate.

Tracking some new footage, trackers stay on target, still getting error rate of like 115-125. Ughh…

Strange behaviour indeed. Assuming the trackers are more or less the same as the last time, it shouldn’t produce such varying results. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to that. =/

Just checking: Are you sure that both the first time and the second time you had all of the track points “unhidden” and selected before hitting “Solve Camera”?
That’s what happens to me very often. I simply forget to select all of the markers.

Did you track both with the same version of blender? I once had a giant error rate with one footage, got new version of blender, tracked again with the same settings and markers, got below 1.0! :smiley: another possibility >D

Eureka, found the problem. I had the tracker setting set to Blurry Footage, which is what I wanted. Though I realized the margins and all that weren’t actually setup like the Blurry Footage preset. I clicked Blurry Footage preset again and got the correct margins/settings.

The error rate… .2, fantastic!