2.63 HDRi not working

Hello guys,
I need help with HDR images as they aren’t working in 2.63. I set them up as enviromental texture etc. but in render it doesn’t show up.
It does though work in 2.62. Is there any specific setting, that I should look for, as it changed from 2.62?

Presumably you made sure that under film, transparency is not checked? :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to HDRs and 2.63+ is the first time I’ve had them visible. Which version of 2.63 are you using? Perhaps your build is bugged?

lol, you’ll help everywhere :DI’ll have a look once I’m at home. I have the latest version which you can download now on the official site.
I’ve tried every single vector, every single setting, but none worked. All I had was black background. Also any other world setting worked fine… I’ll try and download forth HDR and have a try.