2.63 obj.data has no faces anymore ==> must use bmesh!

Hi probably a lot of work has to be done …

an object (e.g. console: object = C.active_object e.g. the Cube) has no faces anymore!

You should look at templates and there bmesh_simple.py

And start e.g. at this link: http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_63_release/bmesh.html?highlight=bmesh#bmesh

Faces are called polygons now in bmesh.

ob = bpy.data.objects["Cube"]
me = ob.data
for faces in me.polygons:

Also some UV stuff has been renamed as well. I don’t think there is uv1, uv2 (etc…) anymore.

Thanks Atom, you are right (I should have known …). but to learn using bmesh stays don’t it?