2.64 vs 2.63 lighter render using same scene

Hi, I have a scene which was made using 2.63a, but now, rendering it on 2.64a gives much lighter render. Any ideas how to revert it and have the same render on newer version?

check the color management settings in both versions. A lot has changed on this from 2.63 to 2.64.

In 2.63 it’s only 1 button in the Render properties (under Shading tab?). In 2.64 it’s in the Scene properties with different options. Might need to set everything to sRGB.

Thanks Sago, looks like you’re right, any tips on current settings? I just had this “color management” checkbox on, but now there’s whole bunch of settings to play with (I mean what setup will correspond to the old checkbox)

You can ‘Load Factory Settings’ (look under ‘File’ in top header) to check what the settings are.

Main settings under Color Management are these:

Display Device & Color Space - sRGB
Render - Default
Exposure - 0
Gamma - 1

how do we turn off color management in 2.64? i didn’t use it in previous versions.

apparently if we set “scene > color management > display device” and “color space” to “srgb” then it’s meant to be the same as 2.63 with cm on, but all my work to date has not used cm.

and if we set “scene > color management > display device > none” then my renders don’t match 2.63 or earlier,

there are two sliders “scene > color management > exposure” and “gamma” but i can’t find values to use with them that again match my previous renders.

No, setting both to sRGB in 2.64 is nothing like Color Management ON in 2.63. Guess we both in the same boat but on different sides.
So if anybody knows how to setup 2.64 color management to make it look like 2.63 in ON/OFF states: please share

Thanks, but the problem isn’t to setup 2.64 to default state, but to setup 2.64 color management to make it look exactly as it was in 2.63. So that I can continue to work with my files in 2.64, without need to re-render all the content I’ve already rendered

After tweaking settings for a while I’m losing confidence that same results can be achieved in 2.64
There’s two renders below, same scene, the first one made with 2.63a color management on, the second one 2.64a sRGB/Default/sRGB

The water is almost identical but the rock surface differs a lot in brightness. So you can play with exposure/gamma settings as long as you can, but you won’t get those images to be identical
And I don’t mind working in 2.63 with my old scenes, but somehow there’s much more bugs in 2.63. Some scenes aren’t rendering at all in 2.63 while in 2.64 i have no problems, I had to delete and recreated all nodes for all the scenes, because nodes that were edited in 2.64 are often crashing 2.63 when trying to edit them. My advice is stick with 2.63 if you want your previous scenes intact.

agreed. i don’t think either of us are saying the new cm system should be taken out of 2.64 or later builds, we just want to be able to achieve the same results as we were previously working on with 2.63 or earlier.

why does no one else on these forums seem to care that backwards compatibility has been broken? surely we can’t be the only artists who have noticed our renders no longer match, which i would of thought was the main purpose of a cm system?

agreed. i have been working on an animation project since january of this year, with thousands of rendered frames. and it’s not just simply a case of re-rendering them all again with the latest builds, the main problem is blender can no longer produce the same results it seems.

same here, i’ve spent days on end trying to recreate the same results. it seems the compositor just won’t work the same due to the new cm system, no matter what we tweak. the color ramps, mixing and alpha over nodes all seem to be broken. at least in the range of colors/shades they now have to work with has been reduced, which is a serious handicap for an artist.

these two renders below are the closest i could get using the compositor. at first glance they might appear the same but compare the high frequency pattern, it’s more contrasting in the 2nd image which was rendered in 2.64a.



this is especially noticeable if the latter part of an animation is composited in 2.64, resulting in a skip frame type jolt when playing back the animation.

Which renderer did you use?

after spending several more hours tweaking 2.64a to try and get it to even overlay my watermark i use on my youtube uploads. i give up, i’m just going to stick with 2.63a for the rest of this project.

i can not express enough how frustrating it is to try (and fail) to get a new version of an app to recreate what could be done with ease with the previous versions.

bgrg, sorry i didn’t see your post earlier. i use blender internal.

kat from katsbits.com has confirmed that backwards compatibility has been broken, at least with rendering and compositing in blender internal. so what now are the chances, if any, that the devs will ever make newer versions fully compatible with 2.63? it would be nice to hear the official stance on this?

OK, in that case I can add that I have the same problem using YafaRay.

bgrg do you think the devs only tested the new cm in cycles? i assume that is working otherwise surely there would be more of us having incompatibility issues?

Would you send me the .blend file you’re working with, please? The one with the rocks and water.

bgrg, i think you meant to ask EugeneKiver, my work above is the orange images from my psy trance music video project.

Yeah, sorry, my mistake. But I could use yours as well. The thing is that I couldn’t reproduce this “error” with blender internal, so I’d like to test it with your .blend.

no problem and understood, how can i send you a .blend? do you have an email address i could use?