2.64 white outline

I have just installed 2.64 and have experienced a problem. When I render a modeled object (on an alpha background) which has been superimposed over a still image (in the video sequence editor using the alpha over effect strip) the model has a white outline around it. The sky has been turned off and premultiply is on and all the other usual things have been tried. The image (and eventually an animation) renders fine in 2.63 but not in 2.64. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hmm - weird.

repeating what you just did I’m having a similar but different problem. I find I don’t get a white glow around the object, but if I don’t set the sky-colour to black (000) it tints the image underneath the video.

It looks like it might be some kind of glitch carry-over from 2.63. When I make a new scene from scratch using 2.64 the white outline is not there. Weird…but resolved.

Just to clarify, the image that had the white outline was originally created in 2.63.