[2.65] Animated bake does not work, "no valid image found to bake to"

This is not popular “no image to bake to” problem, because normal bake does work, animated doesn’t.

  1. in new project i
  2. create grid 10x10
  3. add material
  4. add texture (clouds)
  5. turn into edit mode
  6. select all faces
  7. unwrap
  8. go to UV/Image editor
  9. create new image (“untitled”)
  10. set bake mode to texture and press “bake”
    it replaces the image with texture render
  11. save the image as untitled.png
  12. press “animated bake”
    and it says “no valid image found to bake to”

Hacked into sources i found that context.active_object.data.uv_textures[i].data contains no itemsThe addon expects it to contain MeshTexturePoly objects with references to images loaded in UV/image editor.

Is there any other way to get current image loaded in uv editor?

Ensure you are in Object mode.
For 8 - 11 in your post above. In the UV/Image editor window create a new image with the name you want the sequence to have, save it to the location where you want the sequence. Then use Animated Bake.

I’ve just tested it with the official blender 2.65a and it did work so it’s the order of steps you are doing which is incorrect http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Object/Animated_Render_Baker

My steps 9-11 are the same as on wiki page steps 1-4, except i pressed normal “bake” to ensure everything is set up properly.

Can you please post the blend file that works for you, so i can test if it is my build bogus?

As far as I can see it is not the same. The wiki (linked previously) does not tell you to press Bake to create an image before you use the Animate bake option. Did you try actually not deviating from the instructions.

Unzip and press the Animated Bake button and it should bake out 10 frames in the same location as the blend file


animation_bake.zip (1.03 MB)

v2.65.8 r53738 svn-build for ubuntu from https://launchpad.net/~irie/+archive/blender fails.
v2.63.0 build from official repo works well.
Thus it seems like a bug in 2.65

Blender 2.65a (official release) works perfectly for me. Try it rather than some ‘non official’ version of 2.65. If you don’t use official releases you should not be surprised if an addon does not work. If you think its a bug, report it to the bug tracker.