(2.65) How do I skin a mesh with weight painting ?

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such a question might sound silly, I know ! I’ve searched in a lot of places, sat in front of hours of tutorials, and in the end I still couldn’t figure it out : once I’ve bound my mesh to an armature, how am I supposed to know which bone I am painting the influences of ? I’m only aware of the way Maya handles this (a list of all the bones bound to the mesh from which you can pick which one you want to use for painting), so my approach might be biased - still, I can’t find a way to wrap my head around this whole thing. I’d really appreciate any help !

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Once you bound your mesh to an armature, select the armature and go into Pose Mode.

From the Pose mode select the model (it will go back automatically to Object Mode).

Now go to Weight Paint mode.

From the Weight Paint mode, select a bone and whatever weight adjusting/painting/setting will be corresponding to this selected bone.
To weight paint for another bone, just select another bone.

Set your armature into pose mode. Ensure it has x-ray set so you can see it in your mesh.
Select your mesh and go into Texture paint. Select a bone and while you paint it will be affecting the weight for that particular bone.
You can also select the appropriate vertex group for that bone in the Object Data / Vertex Group panel assuming you set them up with Automatic Weights or Empty Groups when you parented the object to the armature

Thanks for your reply Sanctuary. I understand the issue now : I had set up my LMB to select objects, so I was not able to select the bone in the 3D view - left-clicking would paint the mesh instead. I’ll go file a bug report and suggest the RMB be switched to “select bone” when LMB is set as “select with” in the preferences. Problem cleared ! Have a good night ! :slight_smile:

Edit: thanks Richard !

You can ctrl click to select bones when using LMB to select (this was fixed recently).

Amazing ! Thanks for your reply Cyaoeu. :slight_smile: