2.65a smoke and fire

I’m having a strange issue in 2.66
In the 3D view, everything looks great. But once rendered, the smoke is at the bottom, and there’s no sign of the fire. Both images are of the same frame.

This happens to me sometimes when I forget that I have an (older) image sequence in the Video Sequence Editor. The render button ignores what’s in the 3D editor and steals the same frame number from the VSE. Another possibility is that the cache needs clearing / releasing / manually erasing / and/or renaming. It is a struggle sometimes to make Blender “un-see” previous results.

I too am having the same problem. I have tried it in 2.65 and 2.66 and have the same problem.
I set up the cube for a domain, set the display type to wire and all is fine.

then as soon as I move my mouse to zoom, rotate. what ever. it goes black.

the smoke/fire simulation still works inside the black domain. set the domain not to render and it works like its supposed too.
But then you cant render any of the textures you set up for your smoke domain.
If I set the domain to render and move my camera inside the domain it renders fine. but my scene is still inside a black box.
Im using an acer laptop with dual core intell and 4 gig of ram. any help on this matter woulld be greatly appricated.

El Derector
Try turning down the speed in the fire/smoke settings in the domain. if it is too high, all the gas burns up befor you see the fire.