2.66 fracture tool not working?

So I took a break from blender for a while and was trying to use the fracture tool and every time I press P to see how it works blender crashes instantly, Its not while setting up the shards that works fine, I can make as many as I want its when I try and press p and see what happens. It works fine with 5 shards but anything after that and It crashes all day.

Anyone have any ideas? I tried rolling back to 2.65 and it still happens, is this a known bug? and or does anyone know at which version this still works?

I have the same problem in 2.65, in 3D window edit mode the P key separates as I expect it to, but in object mode it immediately crashes Blender to a nonresponsive flickering display. Admittedly i am on windows XP but every other feature in 2.65 works very smoothly on my system… What is the P key a shortcut for, so I can disable it in prefs?
I don’t think 2.65 even has a fracture tool?

It use to be an external script i think since 2.5? it has been a built in option you can enable under user prefs. pressing P is i think for play, it starts the game engine essentially, Not sure about disabling it. Anyone have any idea whats going on?