2.66 Testbuild "Mean Crease/Bevel weight"

Hi, I just started working with the blender 2.66 testbuild from blender.org
The options “mean crease” and “mean bevel weight” in the [N] Panel on the right are gone :open_mouth:
What happened there, is this some kind of “bug” or were they just moved somewhere else?

EDIT: Just found the shortcut ctrl-E still works, but where did the menu go?

I reported it some weeks ago as i thought it was a bug.
But apparently it’s now intended for some reason

To have the Mean Crease/Bevel Weight displayed in the N panel, you now need to :
-either add an Edge Crease/Bevel Weight from the CTRL+E menu as you found already
-go to the Object Data panel and enable the Crease/Bevel Weigth from the Geometry Data tab, for the selected object :

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I agree there is no (obvious) reason for moving this, weird :slight_smile:
I think i’ll just enable that for my startup.blend