(2.66) Textures totally ignoring maps?

Hi there,

…So I ran into a problem that I’m really confused about. I have an object with a cube-projected UV map on it, and a material with two textures (a color map and a normal map, both textures set to map on flat UV coords). In 3D view, the bumps and texture show up and are mapped just fine. But when I try to play the game, it’s like they disappear, and the object looks like it’s rendered solid. (I have another object just like it that still works fine in the GE, albeit it’s the ground) Now the annoying thing is, when I esc out of the GE and immediately play again, the textures come back and are mapped perfectly fine. So, all good, right? Well, if I change anything (hide/show a layer, save the project, etc) and hit play, the whole rodeo again. No textures until I quit and play again.

I’m just wondering if it’s like, a known bug or something? It only happens with this one object and it’s pretty aggrivating. I suppose I could always just remodel it, but that’s a pain I’d rather avoid if I could, haha.

Best upload a blend file so we can see the issue first hand, however if it is inconsistent, it may well be a bug. Have you tried in 2.70?

Are you rendering in GLSL mode?

i not sure if is that but similar things happen when there modifiers. (for example subsurface)
ie : sometime work, and after some changes (for example adding a cube that apparently do nothing) become invisible , or vice-versa
(this in prototype player, not in blender)