2.66RC - Blender Quits while LibLoad

Hey folks,

is there a new Syntax for the LibLoad()-Function, because Blender quits if such a function is called.

An example one of my scripts:

logic.LibLoad(mainDir + “Extras/NoCar_Cross.blend”, “Scene”, load_actions=True, verbose=False, load_scripts=True)

After calling e.g. this script, Blender quits without any error/message.

I want to talk to you first, before adding a new Bug in Blender-Bugtracker.

No new syntax but changed internally (asynchronous loading). When discovering a reproducible Crash it is better to open a BUG in BUG-tracker.

Here’s the BugTracker-Bug:

Have you tried it with async=True as one of the parameters you pass to libload?

The bug was fixed yesterday.
I’d tried the following Build too and it works (even without “async=True”).

Dalai Felinto gave me the tip.