2.67 Menus (and workarea) disppearing (cycling) with mouse over


This is my first post - so please be gentle. :wink:

I’ve been following along with some video tutorials trying to get a basic handle on how to use this program (2.67 on XP). I’m was following along quite well when suddenly the menus and the scene all disappeared, leaving only the blue windows frame around the outside of the screen. When I shifted my mouse, the menu under the mouse cursor re-appeared - but only that singular menu. If I shift the mouse cursor, around the screen…only the menus underneath it appear.

If i reload to factory presets, everything re-appears until I move my mouse again. The only way I have found to fix the issue is to close and re-open the package, but within a few minutes or slightly more, it does it again. Using hot-keys seems to bring it on faster, but it also does it just with the mouse.

I have tried searching without success, and unfortunately I’m so fresh on the package I don’t know what terms to use or where to even look if this is a feature I can turn off… I’m certain this shouldn’t be happening.

I appreciate the assistance. Thx muchly.

I had similar problems on XP long ago, have not found the reason although i think it was my gpu/gpu drivers. Try doing this,

  • Open User Preferences (File -> User Prefernces)
  • In the preferences window, go to ‘system’ tab
  • Find the ‘Window Draw method’ heading under which you will have a list box with ‘Automatic’ as default
  • Try all the other options in the list hoping to fix your problem :slight_smile:

I remember one of them worked for me, but that was my old system and i cant test it now

Thx very much for the punt in the right direction. I switched from “Automatic” to “Full” and it seems to have resolved the issue. Now back to the tutorials :). Much appreciated.

Glad to hear it worked :slight_smile: