2.68: Add Overlay Scene problems

Good day everyone!

In 2.68, when added an overlay scene, keyboard inputs sometimes become either unresponsive(pressed but no response) or over responsive(continual motion after one key press&release).

Tested in 2.67b without any such problems. Can someone confirm this?

Edit: Downloaded and tested in 2.68a, problems still persist.

No one has this problem?:eek:

I’ve tested adding a blank overlay scene (except the camera), the problem stills showed. My nvidia driver is up to date. Registered internal module. Auto run script enabled. Worked fine in 2.67b but not 2.68 or 2.68b. Bug?

I am not completely sure of how this bug behaves, could you post an example?

Also, what operating system are you using?

I’m using windows 7 64-bit Ultimate!

I am having a few problems with the overlay scene myself but usually, they’re graphical ones (though overlay scene did cause a mouselook script to go buggy).

I believe I have the same issue on Blender 2.68a (Windows Vista 32 bit). My game file is a bit complex but it includes an overlay scene and button presses are registered via python. Sometimes there is no response (or very late if you keep pressing) and sometimes the button keeps triggered after release… Everything works fine in Blender 2.67b.

This is exactly what happening to me. Thanks for confirming this!

I tried to make an example file with only a Cube Python Movement scenario, the problem still shows but comparatively rare. Sometimes you need to play around with it for quite some time patiently to observe the flaw, hence instead of wasting everybody’s time i opted not to upload the file. It shows dominantly in my project file which i can’t upload.

After spending too much time on this, my temporary solution is to use 2.67b. Hope more people can confirm on this so someone can report it if it is indeed a bug.

That sounds like the issue the Mac BlenderPlayer has (input not always triggering, or input not always triggering). Maybe both bugs can be fixed at once.

@love blender - I would recommend you still upload the blend file. If the issue’s there, you probably can pad the file with more things (i.e. just some things running some basic Python loops, or lots of objects to draw) to make the issue more noticeable. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug.


Here is the file. Though added some subsurfed monkeys, no instant expected problem observed but it will show just be more patience and observing.

overlay_test.blend (1 MB)

Blender 2.68 is full of bugs, my xbox controller is fully unresponsive and uncoordinated.
My overlay screens for picking items up, just stuck still and did not move.

Had to go back to 2.65…Needs a bump…

While it doesn’t happen each and every time, the bug can easily be reproduced by simply repeatedly tapping A or D to rotate the cube. Sometimes the cube continues to rotate after you release the key - once for at least a second or two, for me. I would recommend you write up a quick report to the bug tracker here. Thanks a lot for finding the bug.


Glad you manage to observe it. Do you mind reporting the bug? I have never done that before, besides, i believe if they see your name they will take it more seriously!

Thanks in advance!

I don’t mind, but I hardly think that bugs that I report are taken more seriously than bugs that others report. I’m pretty sure bugs are prioritized in order of the magnitude of the bug’s problem, or how easy it is to fix - other factors than who reports it.

I also never reported a bug before the first bug I reported - there’s a first time for everything. It also doesn’t help to pass it off to other, ‘more experienced’ people, since if you found a bug, you probably know most about it, and can offer easy blend files / use cases.

For example, what would happen if a developer asks for more info, and how often I’ve observed this behavior? I probably won’t be able to answer very well compared to you. That’s not going to help the issue get solved.

In any case, I created a report here.

You have problems with your xBox controller? I’ve got one as well and it still works fine for me in 2.68.
But I have experienced another bug with the an overlay scene!
When I activate an SSAO filter in my game, it will not affect the game scene but it will do really weird things on the overlay HUD scene!
It looks like it prints parts of the camara data of the game scene on objects of the overlay scene…
Worked perfect in older versions!

Yeah I got that too. I tested 2 different player setups and both go nuts flying through walls or continiously moving on theirself and mouse slowly drifting in random direction

That`s weird, fluppi, for me its just messed up so i cant update blender because of it.

I’m noticing this occurring even without overlay scene. And even without python generated motion.

Can confirm this bug exists with 2.68 and any overlay scene and 2 different mouslook system, the view just appears to drift.

Tested with latest built (blender-2.68-r60230M-win64), problem still persists!

Does anyone know how long it normally takes a bug got fixed? Will it be fixed in the next release or it depends?