2.68: Controlling Particles with a Texture?

Hey! I’m working on a(nother) cat and trying to figure out how to control particle length. It seems so far that using a texture would work best for me. But I can’t figure out how to. I found a tutorial but its really outdated. I have blender 2.68. Does anyone know how?

Demo using a texture for hair length control. This uses a procedural texture but you can select an image texture
Black = 0% length
White = 100% length

You can also control length using weight painting by selecting the vertex group in the particle settings

Thanks! Is there any way to do this in texture paint mode? Im having trouble uv unwrapping the model.

To texture paint you would have to UV unwrap your object anyway. Texture paint, save the texture and select that texture as the particle texture.

If you don’t want to UV unwrap and your model has sufficient vertices you can use vertex paint. I show you where to select the vertex paint in the image

You can also use Dynamic Paint to “brush” on the vertex group over time.