2.68: what happened to Duplicate groups time offset???

Recently I changed from 2.49b to 2.68 and quite happy about it:) but then I just discovered that there appears to be no
time offset option for groups. Is that really so? and if so, is there a work-around?

I´ve made this animated character model whom I´ve converted to a group and I would like to time offset it so that the posture of the character varies from group to group(=exhibit different instances) eg -10 frames before from original armature/mesh, 5 second after etc…,

I used to be able to do that easily in Blender 2.49 but in 2.6 I don´t see this opportunity - I see a “slow parent” box in objects setting but thats not the same.

please help me:eek:

Thank you both of your for answering my post.
But I´m no good at working with scripts, so I guess I just have to give up the idea of dublicate group
However, I noticed that it was on the todo list in 2011, so I guess there is still hope that it will be included in future editions.