2.69 change name; it adds _cube to the end?

so i have to change the name in blender for this program i’m using. It’s way too complicated for you to understand, but it basically adds single digit numbers together like 2 + 2;

slow down, take a deep breath.

On the right side, there is… i guess an object button, i changed it there. I also went into the Outliner derp and saw the change was correct. I named my cube, “HerpDerp”

but i have to export that sucker as an obj ; when i open it in mah programs, the name shows up as “HerpDerp_cube”

how dare you blender!!! pray tell what is this is?

Help, anyone know why its adding _cube to the end of my name?

Your proggie did see you were using Cube to make HerpDerp? Smart one…
.Obj coming out from Blender is a text file, so open it using Notepad and change:

# Blender v2.70 (sub 0) OBJ File: ''
# www.blender.org
o Cube_Cube.004

line starting with “o” (object) to “HerpDerp” and your proggie will calculate properly 2x2 since then.

object name and mesh name are both saved and exported for programs that can make use of the distinction. In mesh properties you can change the mesh name if you want before exporting.

Thanks peepholes,

how do i get to mesh properties Mr. Druban?

One of your regions has to be made a properties editor, and the mesh context is the little downward triangle. In this example you can see that the object’s name is ‘torus.005’, but the mesh’s name is just ‘torus’.