2.69 fbx exporter recalculates normals on export (dont want that)

as the title says:
i have some models i edited with a normals-manipulation addon.
But when i import the blend in Unity (internally as fbx) i lose the specifically set normals.
Until the latest blender build it worked.
I tried to search for the problem in the fbx exporter and it seems it’s this line:

But when i comment it out, i get some undefined smoothing, as this seems to not only calculate
split edges (i would think that because of its naming) but the normals of the whole mesh.

Any idea to fix that is appreciated.

see here:

FBX exporter now exports normals per loop (individual normal per face-vertex), but it’s based on the automatic normal calculation.

If you don’t want that, I suggest to downgrade to the FBX exporter of 2.68.

Oh, ok. That’s sad, so for now i have to downgrade.
I hope that at some point in forseeable future blender will be able to handle custom normals.