2.69 released

Go get it :smiley:

Great to see it’s now official, congratulations to the devs and all the contributors to this new release !

For those interested and that do not use regularly update builds (buildbot/graphicall), the official releases do not include the addons_contrib folder that contain many addons that some may find usefull.
I have uploaded the recent one i had from r61020 (from the buildbot) on that dropbox link

To install, just take the “addons_contrib” directory from the downloaded addons_contrib269.rar and move it to
So you obtain

Once done, when launching Blender and going to File -> User Preferences -> Addons, you’ll see them if you enable the “Testing” button
(additionally you’ll have more themes)

Note : the addon contrib does not include every user made addons available for Blender, you’ll have to remember there are several of them that are not in it but that you can still find in the Addon&Release board :

Thanks Sanctuary. I’m going to download that right now. What major addons were left out? Is it in the release notes?

Export Per-vertex Normals Projectsome of us crowdfunded in september is included too. :slight_smile: A good release indeed.


Usually you can find which addons are in the release addons folder (the addons that are supposed to be working with certainty in the current release) and which ones are in the contrib (the addons that may or may not be fully compatible with the current release) there :
(no idea if the page is up to date)

For the addons not listed there, only browsing the addon release board may give hints


Lol, looking good.

This version breaks all of my posed rigs. What gives?

This version breaks all of my posed rigs. What gives?

Just curious… when you say it breaks them… what type of rigs… rigify…makehuman, ones you made yourself? Its concerning, because I’m working with a character right now, and you got me hesitating to use it. Any chance you can elaborate, or if anyone else can confirm?

The changes made for Caminandes 2 are pretty useful – is anyone able to add those changes to 2.69? Is it on Graphicall? otherwise we have to wait till 2.70 which is like 3 months I think…

I used Rigify. Now all of the models look torn apart while they’re posed. If I place them in Rest mode they seem to be ok. But the Rig layers also seem to be missing.

When you open the file, in the upper right, is there something about “enable Python” or similar. If you click OK, it will work…

@Craig: YAY!

yeah that box comes up in the release candidates but i dont see it here in the official release.

In the 2.69 release, it’s at File -> User Preferences , at the “File” tab , the option is “Auto run Python scripts” that is disabled by default.

Yeah I found tons of addons I’ve never heard of in that pack Sanctuary. I’m looking forward to trying them all out. Like getting a mystery bag of tools. \o/

Thank You! Works perfect now

I figured it was something like that

Answered my own question:
Blender 2.69 (Improved)

Yea… I just tested my rig (makehuman) with 2.69, and with the python auto run enabled in the user preferences it works fine.
Just wondering, if anyone knows… was their any significant speedups or slowdowns in cycles rendering with this release?