2.69 Snapping tool simply doesn't work:

Windows 7: I can’t be the only one but in 2.69 the snapping tool is really non - existent on my machine. With the only thing really working being snap to increments. So after two hours of screwing the pooch trying every combo of buttons I finally just downloaded a copy of 2.66a. I simply need a working tool sometime and preferably in Object Mode. Now there’s the snapping tool I remember.

Works exactly the same for me. Must be something you’re doing wrong

That’s really quite strange. So are you saying the other “snapping elements” arent available to choose from or they just dont work. because there are 2 ways to change the snapping mode. One obviously is with the Shift+Ctrl+Tab, the other is the 3D view bar(not proper term)

This thing:

Did you try reinstalling 2.69?

Do you perhaps have ‘snap to itself’ disabled? The older version might not have that so making it look like it’s working again.

Thanks guys and yes I did noticed the new buttons. Wiki not much help with that. And, I have reset the program to factory settings several times after using the new settings. As far as reinstalling 2.69 don’t we have a new test build due in two weeks or so. Guess I’ll just use this workaround until then.