2.6x why such unnecessary changes?!

ok i started this thread so to hear who shares my views. First i’d like to say that the best blender version there is out there is the 2.49 version. Maybe i’m being irrational about this but i think it is redundant what they’ve done with the interface, plus just last night i was implementing my soccer game so created a cube object and a textplane as its child. Now it didnt give me the game settings to make it ‘Text’ and the physics settings changed… Why have they made such unnecessary changes because now i’m forced to restart my project in blender 2.49 since 2.6 files wont open with textures in 2.49

The “Text” option is at the Materials now. This makes indeed sense as it is more a surface feature than a mesh feature.

You can even use Font objects since 2.5x.

I do not know what changed physics settings you are referring to. They have a separate tab since 2.5x.

thats where i’ve been accessing the ‘Text’ option, under the materials tab after the shading options there’d be an option visible called game settings but as I was coming along with my scenes, creating the fourth scene I couldn’t locate that option after creating a new material for my textPlane that is so frustrating

At first I was peeved but I like the improvements, especially the game engine supporting Anti-Aliasing. The only thing I really dislike is they changed the shortcuts, and you can’t pan and zoom in every window. What I loved about Blender was that I practically never had to use the interface.

Maybe it sounds superficial but I really dislike going into menus and sub menus when I work in any software. I can type without looking at my keyboard, so like having everything at my command from the keyboard. So I still model in 2.49b. The wonderful shortcuts was what got me moving away from 3dsMax to Blender.

I guess your scene is still in Render rather than in Game perspective (menu bar)?

Believe me you get used to it. I still like 2.49 and really have no urge to switch to newer version. Unfortunately with 2.62 it is not possible to create compatible blend files anymore. At least if the logic contains IPOs or actions.

@Prof monster. I also didnt feel like switching from 2.49 but a friend of mine persuaded me to it. H told me about this steering actuator and i was anxious to see it
@ nuances I also have 2.49 i love that version thats why i was planning to move my project back to that version an my mind is made up now

I have a question about the new blender 2.62: did they remove animation hacks? I can’t seem to find it, do I have to find it in user preferences??? I was with 2.5 before I switched, but although 2.62 has cool new features, I prefered the old one. So ya, can someone answer my question please?!

I think they renamed it to Relations Extras, it’s in the object panel and contains Slow Parent. (I think this is what you want.)

It is, Thanks alot!

I personally prefer 2.6, as the workflow’s far better than before to me. No more giant list of materials - just the search function alone makes it worth sticking with 2.6. With the search function, you can instantly find resources (materials, textures, meshes, objects, etc.) by typing in the name. I remember having a list of materials that I would have to scroll through just to search for a single material. Annoying. 2.6’s search feature is the best thing next to having an actual folder structure to browse around in.

Same thing with commands. It’s really easy to search for commands that you don’t remember the key combination for. In addition, the game engine itself has had improvements since 2.49, which is a few years old by now. The engine runs faster, for one thing.

I would highly recommend using 2.6, as the engine’s only going to get better and better, and the longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to adjust, especially if you’ve already started your project in 2.6.

^^ I agree with SolarLune. The Blender 2.6’s game engine is a beast. The best thing, as SolarLune pointed out, is the search function. Everything is there at ease with a few keyboard strokes. No more losing objects, no more losing materials, no more feeling disorganized, like in 2.49b. Everything was mixed up in the menus, many things seemed to just be shoved in there, like when you get package of documents and just dump it onto your table and mix it with all the other documents.

Blender 2.6 also has an extremely well thought out animation system. It’s superior to the 2.49bs’ and the 2.5x series’. Basically it allows for blending of animations, this would make for some sick animation transitions from walk to run only using two actions!

As for hotkeys, in the preferences just go through all the menus and change the hotkeys to how you used to have them! (I’m almost sure they are all there).

By the way, basically everything in 2.6 is customizable. You can make the colour scheme EXACTLY like 2.49bs’ as well as the hotkeys. It’s pretty awesome.

Just my thoughts, I didn’t like 2.5 when it first came out but it really started to show its worth after the next releases.

Let’s not forget the ability to actually delete resources, unlike 2.49. Shift-click on an X by a resource, and Blender will ensure not to save it with the blend file. You can easily retrieve it before re-loading the blend file if you make a mistake, too. It’s far better than that ‘hunt for the LONE INVISIBLE USER’ problem that I frequently had with 2.49.

I like the 2.6x version more than any other, blender is light and more powerfull on the new versions, but what I hate about it is that the blenderplayers never work 100% and this is a big disapointment for me.

But you have to keep in mind that you are working with a software you still can work with the UDK 1 but what is the point since you have the 3 adn the 4 is comming soon? blender is upgrading, its far from be a good game engine but you have to adpat to the new interface and BGE otherwise you ll left behind.

Its a matter of try, then you ll see that is way better than before.

Thank you so much, I’ve been wondering about this for a while.

ok i see your point guys thanks for this much support. This has motivated me to keep my project with 2.6x, plus i just downloaded 2.62 no comments to make. just have to move with the times I see. I think i’ll pic my courage now and continue my project in the latest version i’ve got.