2.7 - Adding texture in the Node editor?

Hi All,

I’m not sure if you can see the images that I’ve attached, I can’t figure out how to add textures within the node editor on 2.7, it looks completely different from 2.6.

In 2.6 you have the 3 icons, shader, texture and compositing, in 2.7 they seem to have changed the order to shader, compositing texture, no big deal there, but when you click ‘texture’ it doesn’t show the texture-select menu next to it (compare to how the shader button works - it will then show the material-selector right there in the node-header bar).

Any ideas on where this went, or does 2.7 want you to use a different workflow?


Do you have any nodes in the node editor window? What happens if you press Shift A and add a texture input node?