2.7 and Ctrl-T, what happened?

In previous versions of Blender Ctrl-T would split a face usually into equally sized triangles whenever possible- which makes sense. Now, in 2.7, I get a large triangle and a tiny little sliver of a triangle when I use this feature. I use it quite a bit - so flipping the edge all the time is time consuming. Any way that this can be switched back to the way it was- or is there some switch I can flip to get the previous action of this tool?

I see now in the toolbar that I can select “shortest diagonal” instead of “beauty” - which works - but still requires that I select the method I would prefer every time I make the action - which is hundreds of times… how can I change the default action?

Did I miss the vote for this? My vote is for “shortest diagonal” as default action. What is the point of having an annoying little sliver of a triangle be the default action?