2.70 blender importing issues.

I have spent most of the last two days trying to get obj, dxf, or dwg files to import. I have chased down numerous threads and downloaded many add-ons/plug-ins that were supposed to let me import the files. I have downloaded 2d and 3d office buildings in several formats (which are shown in the blender 2.7 import window) but for some reason when i browse to the location to import it - blender does not see them. Just to make sure I was actually seeing the right directory I downloaded some .blend files and stuck them there. Blender saw those fine. From what I have read here, and other blender forums all of the formats listed in the import window are now natively supported in 2.7. I took the blender essentials courses in Lynda.com and have been trying to create a simple office 1 story with about 8 rooms in blender. I actually found it to be much easier to create the floorplans in autocad 360. Unfortunately, have not been able to import them at all.

Supported import/export formats http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts#Import-Export_Scripts

Show us a screenshot of the file browser window while you are trying to import a .obj file and it’s not showing the file. Please take a screenshot of the whole window

By default when you import for an example a .obj file, the file browser has filtering enabled and would not show any .blend files in the window even if they were present, unlike what you describe. I assume you are using the File / Import menu and not the File / Open menu

So, does Blender 2.7 support dwg files?? I checked the list and there are a whole bunch of obscure file types supported, and maybe I’m confused, but it seems to be that 2.6 x supported dfx and dwg, yet I don’t see that support in the list Richard linked to, or in the user addons list within Blender. I’m an total amateur at Blender, but doesn’t is make sense for Blender 2.7 to support one of the most common 3D file types?