2.70 render screen static?

Hi all! I am trying to render in 2.70 with Cycles but am having something happen between being in Rendered layer mode in the viewport and the actual output in a separate window… The viewport shows my scene but when I render it gives me a bunch of static…? Trying to add images here but it isn’t working…?

p.s. I know that the scene is pretty crap. I am new and having a lot of technical difficulty at the time. This is 16MB and my computer is just having a very hard time handling it. So, please don’t the image… Just everything else…

You have given us nothing to look at ! No screenshots or example blend files http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

What are your render settings ? How many samples are you using (did you did change the render samples from the very low default) ? What dos your scene look like ? Lights ? etc etc etc

Come back with more useful info

Okay, sorry, jeez… I was having trouble uploading the images on here…

Did I mention that I have only been doing this for a month? Give me a break, dude.


Did this work? Sorry for all the trouble.