2.70, Where's paste text from file!?

I’m trying to paste text from a .txt file, all of a sudden the option has been either moved or removed from blender 2.70. while in Edit Mode for text. Anyone know what happened to this nice simple feature? I really (REALLY) need it to do my work.


Use Blender text editor to get it to 3D object. Edit menu -> text to 3D object.

I’m not seeing that option in text edit mode.

Not Text edit mode but the text editor window.

DruBan, JA12

Thank you, this solution worked - even though I still wish they had kept the paste from file feature.

Another way to paste text to text object is …select Outliner type to Datablocks.
Then Curves > Text > Rna > Body text.
Move your cursor to top of Body text and Ctrl+V.