I am trying to imitate a file set up by Richard Marklew. My imitation has a straight pink line in the Graph Editor and I would like it to be an editable curve as in Richard’s file, but I can’t find a way to turn the straight line with no control points into a curve with (at least) 2 control points.

Another mystery in Richard’s file: the keyframes that control the camera start and the curve that controls the camera’s speed on the graph editor are showing when I have the curve selected, not the camera.

The JPG shows Richard’s above, mine below. Thanks for any clues.


Change the interpolation mode (press T or go to the key menu)

Thanks, agoose77, but that requires a keyframe. I have not been able to assign any keyframes to the curve. I RMB the green Evaluation Time, as instructed in the manual, and get an error.

I can set keyframes for the curve for moving the curve, but I want the kind Richard got, which effect the camera’s movement ON the curve.

What’s the error message you get? I think I know what the error will say, and that will be your first clue. Posting this info might also help you to get help…

Anyhow, to achieve what Richard has done, open up the graph editor’s properties panel (n-key) and scroll down to the bottom. There is probably a generator modifier on that channel, it generates a 1:1 curve. That is a curve that is a straight line moving the same amounts on the x-axis as the y-axis, x = 5, y = 5. Blender adds this in on certain channels by default, like your evaluation time, and it’s also why your are probably getting an error message. So remove the modifier and the curve is gone. You should now be able to key frame the evaluation time, if that’s what you want to do.

You can also create your own custom curves in the graph editor. After the generator modifier is removed, move your mouse to some point on the grid and ctrl-LMB to insert a point, or key frame. Repeat for 2nd key. It’s not a very precise way of creating keys, you can’t be sure exactly where you are at on the gird, unless you really zoom in on the view, but even then, not precise. So once you add a key this way, look to the top of the properties panel, the key’s location is a numeric field that you can enter data into. Likewise, if your using bezier curves, the location of the handles is there as well.



That was the answer - thanks much. Getting rid of the default Fmodifier (Generator) and creating my own Bezier curve was what I wanted. I didn’t include that error because it was so long but, sure enough, part of it was to delete an Fmodifier - which I didn’t understand. Thanks again.


PS - There is such a thing as gun control. I always control mine by aiming at the bad guys.