2.71 crashes while modeling/moving/rotating viewport etc.


So I’ve posted in another thread but no one replied and I’ve realized that problem isn’t the same I have. Since I’ve updated to 2.71 Blender has been crashing ALL DAY. Like every tenth action I performs makes the graphic driver to recover after not responding. Moving, scaling, rotating objects, faces, vertices or even the viewport makes it quit. It has nothing to do with rendering since if I touch nothing just go to viewport rendered view or hit render it renders all right.

Does anyone have a suggestion or similar problem or anything? I more or less skipped 2.70, I had other things to do, but 2.69 was rock stable, I don’t remember a single crash besides running out of memory.

Thanks, cheers!

Is there any chance of getting your system specs or the crash reports or anything at all? Maybe the reason no one replied is that you’re expecting people to guess what the problem is without giving them any useful information to work with.

Blender should never crash, try it out in a recent build and if the problem persists, please submit a decent bug report, with a blendfile, on developer.blender.org.

Well, usually if there is an issue, I shouldn’t be the only one facing it so I was hoping for something like “Yeah that’s a known issue turn this and that on and off and you’re done”. If I’m the only one having a problem it’s obviously my computer or something on my side, but thank you for your answer anyway. I will submit a bug report when I find a crash that occurs 100% based on a specific action (which I doubt I will, because it happens seemingly random).

As I’ve stated above the problem is that I can’t find one specific action that makes Blender crash 100%. It just does occasionally.

Anyway my system specs are:
Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0
AMD FX8350
Reference GTX580 (1,5GB) with aftermarket cooling
16GB memory
Windows 8.1 x64
nVidia driver 337.88

You can run Blender from the command line, so that when it crashes, you’ll have an error message in the console (the built-in one closes with blender). In Windows to launch Blender from the command (execute -> cmd), it’s something like C:\path o\blender.exe