2.71 out but Avast Security goes...

Blender 2.71 is ready for download from Blender.org but Avast Security stops the download with a virus warning?

My Avast says nothing, and I just downloaded it now. The NL1 mirror diddnt work for me though…

Thanks Wega. Nor did the NL1 mirror work for me. Ok I will try again.

Maybe someone saw my post because now NL2 mirror has the page down. I was referring to the ZIP. 64bit download by the way.

Ohh yeah, I forgot to add that mine was the 64 bit installer. The download is really slow at the moment and the mirrors goes on and off.
But i started the download of the 64 bit zip now without Avast saying anything. I’ll report back once the download is done…

It finally finished, and i got the warning as well.

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That’s odd, I got the same warning as well, through Windows Defender (Windows 8.1). Downloaded it from NL2
As I trust so much Blender, I’m running it anyway :smiley:

I downloaded it at a maximum of 34KB/sec just to see. And, for the second time got this at 50% download. (Screenshot Below) It seems the moderator has determined it’s our problem. However, I’ve been downloading the test builds with no problems and Avast is one of the most popular free security programs in the world I would guess.

successfully download but got this error in avast.

This entire matter might be due to a ‘false positive’. However, I’ve been using Avast for a long time and downloading Blender versions for even longer (2.48). Without any action by Avast before or any other security program for that matter. AnandhaRaja I’m not that tech savvy but here it seems to be saying it removed a python file /script from your download and quarantined it. And, it’s the same file that been causing my downloads to stop at 50%.

I had hoped maybe a developer might see this thread and wade in. But, I guess not.

The file in question is part of numpy as it is on the blender svn libraries repository https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/trunk/lib/win64_vc12/release/python34_numpy_1.8.tar.gz

I have scanned it https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/023bde003541d5aec900c6480c7a72cf5eb6390e8d19ede84b65218ff3a25a37/analysis/.

I build the release in a virtual machine that is 100% dedicated and 100% fully updated and only has compiler + tools installed.

In other words, Avast is being a little too paranoid and there is nothing wrong. No viruses. Completely safe. Right? :wink:

No, Nortons is tagging it as problematic as well. It downloads fine, but when I try to run blender.exe, Nortons puts a stop to it and quarantines it. Its not just Avast.

Yes. it is safe. And I have taken the best precautions I know how to guarantee it is as safe it can be.

The problem stems from the fact that our numpy is unique and its filenames are abused by known malware. Our unique and thus unknown file with a suspicious name ( although it is part of numpy which a very well known library for use with python) this might cause the anti virus vendor to flag it is potentially bad.

Thanks juicyfruit. I just downloaded ZIP 64bit from the US mirror and it went smooth as silk. No flag from Avast.

I was encountered same problem downloading .zip x64. Avast blocked out both mirrors

No issues here when downloading the 64-bit installer from the USA mirror. Also tried manually scanning the file with Avast and it didn’t report any problems.

32-Bit, on Ol’ Betsy, USA mirror, no probs ghost! :slight_smile: Go Avast! :slight_smile: Good on all of us for using it, great AV program :smiley:

32-Bit, on Ol’ Betsy, USA mirror, no probs ghost! :slight_smile: Go Avast! :slight_smile: Good on all of us for using it, great AV program :smiley:

Hon I’m delighted Ol’ Betsy didn’t have a problem. It could have pushed the old bitch right over the edge for all we know. :slight_smile: I’m with you in singing the praises of Avast through. I was a big fan even before the software updater. Now with that one of the biggest pains in the ass is all but automatic. GO BETSY!