2.74 Cat Splash contest!

I thought it would be cool to do a Blender Splash contest again (via the forums here, but will do calls via twitter, fb etc). As a theme for the splash we picked the most underrated animal of the web: a cat!.

The simple rules:

  • All cat renders will be fine, but preferred are the hairy fluffy Cycles rendered ones.
  • One cat, many cats, cartoon cats, crazy cats, angry cats, happy cats. All is fine.
  • Has to be a single F12 render+composite (no post process in other editors)
  • The selected artist should be willing to share the .blend with textures with everyone under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY.
  • Deadline Saturday March 7.

Jury duties to pick the winner: the active Blender devs who have cats. (Not me, but Sergey does!)
Forum regulars here can organize own voting if they like to, to make a selection easier.

Have fun!


Size: 1002 x 460 pixels
A splash template is here http://download.blender.org/demo/test/

Oh furry ones eh I guess Clovis is out of this one :’(

hehe this will be fun to watch! what are the image size requirement? i may give it a try myself :slight_smile:

I second Clovis images :wink:

We need Grumpy Cat, L’il Bub, and Business Cat sitting around a table playing cards or having drinks. My modeling isn’t nearly good enough to pull it off, though.

Cool! That is my contribuition, made a few days ago. :RocknRoll:

How about texturing or mattepainting ? can we use third party software ?

Textures can be made in any program (preferably GIMP, Krita or other free/open tools). Just try to be sensible. If all the render does is to show a cat texture on top of a matte paint, it’s not really “made with Blender”.

Here are a couple,



How many renders can we enter?

A note for submitters:

Please note the rectangular shape of the image in Blender’s splash. If it’s not in that aspect (wide, not square or tall), the image will get cropped. Keep that in mind.

that was what i was about to ask, more or less is there an regular size? or just take an screen shot to match it?

Cat in a blender?

@cgstrive, LOL :smiley:

anyways, i thought this would be a good place to put up my teddy cat

not the furry cycles type, but definitely one that makes me smile every time :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

First post ever! :smiley:

LOL! Sweeeeet!

And there I was hoping for a render of Franck the sheep

+1 for Franck

Do we have to post just one .blend file of our finished scene? Because I modeled my characters in one file and linked them to another one…

I fully support the idea of having Beagles in the splash screen (with the kitty of course) :smiley:

To bad the aspect ratio is opposite of what’s needed.