2.74/Cycles Crash on Rendering

I must have done something wrong, but I can’t figure out what it is. My first large model (c. 20 MB file) in Blender 2.74 in Cycles crashes when it gets to 100% when Building BVH. I tried a much bigger model that was originally built in 2.73 and it renders out without a problem. This suggests that the problem is something I’ve changed in the new model.

(For some reason I can’t upload the .blend file using the Manage Attachments tool.)

Any ideas about what could have caused the problem?

9 out of 10 times when Blender crashes on rendering it’s due to running out of RAM. Some Subsurf modifier that you increased the render levels on?

Upload the file e. g. to pasteall and let us have a look!

I still can’t upload the .blend file using the Manage Attachments tool.

That’s why I asked you to upload it to pasteall (or Dropbox or any other file hosting service you like better). A 20 MB .blend file is afaik too large to be attached.

OK, I finally got it. Here’s the link to Drop Box for the .blend file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8rcuxrqqxdxd6rq/Beast1c.blend?dl=0

Hmm. You didn’t pack the textures into the .blend file. But other than that, the file renders fine here…
With all layers active, memory consumption peaks at around 500 MB. What are your system specs?

I running Win 7 on a DualCore Intel with 2 GB memory. As I said above, I tried a much bigger file in Blender 2.74 and it rendered without any problem. This makes me think that something is wrong with this file.

I dojn’t know why the textures didn’t get saved with the .blend file in DropBox.

“Bigger” in what regard? The file size does not necessarily indicate the amount of memory needed to render, especially with Subsurf modifiers…

2 GB RAM is a bit on the sparse side. Subtract from that what the OS needs for itself and you have even less at your disposal. Just had a look at the task manager while rendering the scene: Blender in total needs about 1.1 GB while rendering all layers - and that’s without textures.

Are those textures hi-res? When it comes to image textures, the file size again can be misleading, as the file will most likely be compressed. The renderer, however, needs to have access to the uncompressed pixel information. Because of that, an 8-bit RGBA image texture in 4K suddenly needs:
4096 x 4096 = 16,777,216 pixels
8 bits per channel x 4 channels = 32 bits = 4 bytes
4 x 16,777,216 = 67,108,864 bytes = 64 MB of continuous unfragmented memory space.

Ten of those textures would add up to another 640 MB of RAM you most likely can’t spare…

And btw, those textures are not in the .blend, because you did not pack them:

Don’t forget to save after that.

Thank you, Ikari, for all your help. I got it working this morning by reducing the amount of SubSurf modifier subdivisions. It’s now rendering normally in Cycles. I still want to increase the RAM size on my machine though.

Here’s the result.