2.75a: suddenly unwanted camera movement "toggled/forced" after using G(rab) & Ctrl

Suppose I select an object in the scene. I then use G to grab/move. I move the mouse together with the Control key to position the object. I click the mouse button to confirm, with the Control key still necessarily held.

After the object has been positioned, immediately there is some sort of forced mode where moving the mouse rotates the camera. This is the case instead of immediately returning to the normal mode where moving the mouse simply moves the mouse cursor as usual.

Now, perhaps I am just tired and I have a headache, but I am pretty sure that this was never the case during all that time I used Blender. I suspect I accidentally have ticked an option via the keyboard.

Anyway, how do I solve it? This annoying problem is getting on my nerves and I have no room for it.

Supply a screncast of what you see
Supply a blend file

Here is a startup BLEND file where the problem is the case: untitled.blend (448 KB)

Everything behaves perfectly correctly for me.

You have snapping enbled but that won’t rotate the view when you a accept the translation by pressing the LMB whilst still holding down Ctrl key

Do a video showing the issue

A video? You don’t believe me? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would cost more time. Is there a quick method you recommend to make a video? Software choice and the like (and not CamStudio, as I just read that it might be infected)?

Is there no one else to comment and help me fix it in one swift blow? I really don’t feel like having to fool around with it anymore.

Well, I couldn’t quickly find a sufficiently likeable video capturing tool, so I just reset the user preferences to get the job done and work around it. Downside is that I was to disregard my saved user settings file and manually set my personal shortcuts all over again as well as certain other settings. Luckily it went pretty quickly.

The good thing is that I now have a much better and more comfortable setup where I fully exclude use of the middle mouse button, the button whose utilization I did not sufficiently exclude before and the button that I severely detest, heh heh heh. I guess something better - especially longterm-wise - came from this temporary suffering and annoyance. This will reduce or prevent strain. Thank God.

By the way, thanks, Richard, for your replies and effort to open the .blend file. It is certainly appreciated. I hope you will keep up the good work.