2.76.2 testbuild Mark 2

Hi, first testbuild 2.76.2 ready.
Please test it!.


Cheers, mib

thanks for pointing the tesbuild release out . :slight_smile: will test it !

The Point Density texture is great and the Auto Offset Nodes features adds a lot of convenience.

The Transfer UV Addon looks very useful but I haven´t tried it yet.

True grid snap is working great in this build.

BTW: I’m still confused. Am I missed contest for the splash screen or what? Ton said about they will post contest for the v2.76, but it still don’t posted and voila, test build is release.

In GPU mode with AMD HD7970… Using a mix shader of emission and diffuse, ONLY the diffuse will show up in the final render… However the viewport render correctly shows the emission material. Also CPU mode works correctly.

Changelog anyone?

For a changelog, you have this work-in-progress release notes :

Nothing on addressing the memory use in CUDA? Haven’t heard anything on that lately.

Shortcut key Z for wireframe does not seem to be working.

It does for me

Ever looked in the blender Help menu ? Some useful links are always there

You don’t get any new splash screen for test builds. More info about the new splash screen will be communicated through the usual channels in due course


Oh I’m surprised that people are still not using the pie menus

There’s a help menu in blender? I never knew that existed
(Never mind, It’s just a link to the webpage of the changelog, I thought you were saying it has an offline manual)
but anyway I found it in Google.

for win 10 is there something special to see the AMD GPU?

I could not find I in the System devices !

happy cl


Works fine for me, didn’t have to change anything

I am just going to assume that your gpu is so old that it doesn’t even support the latest driver update


Update your drivers :slight_smile:

well I did some test with Lux and I could see the GPU

but on this HD8670 which is only 2 years old max
I think it should see some features with GPU
might not work 100 %

in user preferences I don’t any GPU at all!
that would be in system



Well I know one thing,

I have an R7 240 and it works with cycles,
Shows up in the system preferences

and your gpu is technically better than mine so…

Take a shot on updating your drivers

will recheck that again
but I got an update like 2 weeks ago fro GPU AMD

you say that you can see the GPU I user preference
so I assume that you need to select it in user preferences too!

anything else to get it going ?

happy cl

checked and I do have latest update for AMD

now if I set Opencl in suer pref I do have a GPU in render panel
and render GPU test with F12 and it takes same time to render then with CPU

at least now it does not crash !

am’ I missing something here ?

happy cl

“Extended” image texture extension option added to texture. - I am happy.
My terrain tiles displaced by DEM textures suddenly fit seamlessly. One problem less on the planet. :slight_smile:


Now it’s starting to crash for me too…