2.77 32bit won't run on XP


I’m currently using the 2.76a for the game engine only. I thought I’d try 2.77 out since there is a new version out.

I downloaded the 32bit version since I’m running XP. And neither that or 77a will run. The error is it isn’t recognised by the system.

What could be causing that?

First install vc redist 2013, 2015.
Try 2.77.
If it won’t run, then winxp support is deprecated for 2.77.

To quote from the Blender requirements page:

Supported Platforms
Blender is available for Windows Vista and above, Mac OSX 10.6 and above, and Linux. Blender uses OpenGL for drawing the entire interface.

(Note: These requirements are valid for Blender 2.77 and later. However, Blender 2.76 and earlier still supports Windows XP and OpenGL 1.4 graphics cards.)

I recall via the twitter social site last year Mr Roosendal did state that the focus would be on 64bit. And I imagine Xp would go too.

I believe I have those installations visual programs distributions.

The old version I’m using should be fine for now. I do have an optiplex running Windows 7. But the graphics card doesn’t work with Blender.