2.77a heir collision ignoring emitter object

I’m trying to make use of the new hair to mesh collision support, and it’s acting funny.

In this test blend, the hair seems to properly honor collisions with another object, but it won’t honor collisions with the emitter object. (both the emitter and the other object have collisions turned on)

Can someone check the attached blend and see if I’m doing something wrong?


I tried changing the order of the particle and collision modifier, it had no effect.

If I duplicate the emitter object, the hair will collide with the duplicate just fine. However, this is an impractical workaround for actual scenes.

Is this just a bug? Colliding with the emitter mesh seems like a super common use case, and Blender seems to do this fine when using the particle-comb tools.

Heir collision? Is that where two siblings in line for the crown go to war with each other to determine who should be the next ruler?

This is the report by davesf if anyone is interested:

Apparently collision with the emitter has not been implemented.

Some related discussion by Lukas Tönne:
(For others who may be interested…)