2.78 Blender crashes every time I click Material Viewport Shading.

Hi, I think the title explains most of it, ever since I installed 2.78 blender will crash when I try to click viewport Material shading. Wondering if this has happend to anyone else and if they have an idea on how to fix it, thank you.

Hi. Which is your operating system? Which is your graphics card and driver version?. Does it occur with any file/scene?

Im running windows 10. Graphics card is gtx 950 driver version 372.90. It does occur with other files.

Mmm, I was expecting you answer Intel or some really old graphics card. Just in case I ask a question. Are you sure your machine is not a notebook with intel+nvidia, with intel gpu managing the display?

Have you tried if the problem is still present if you loads default settings?. File > Load Factory Settings - then load the scene without closing blender - switch to Material view.

Im sure its not intel gpu running the display I have a 5820K and just recently built this computer but it worked perfectly in 2.77, so I dont think its that I did install 2.78 with the .msi Maybe I’ll try the other way and see if that works. [edit: it didnt work with the .zip]

A lot of important changes have occurred in Material view from 2.77:

ok it didnt crash when I set it to factory settings so it might have been something with the older files or the material set up I’ll check and see if appending the material will still make it crash. [edit: yes it is the old materials making it crash still dont know how to fix that though]