2.79.7 Cycles OpenCL "Cancel" on Vega 64

Hello… since yesterday I am having the issue (after updating the latest 2.79.7 build) that my Vega 64 is no longer working with BLender (edit: correction, it works fine in the UI… but Cycles, nay)… it says that it can’t load the Kernel.

config: System : OpenCL - GPU checked (only)

Console says stuff like:
…missing terminating ‘"’ character…
…failed to set 44100hz, 48000hz instead…
…expected “FILENAME” or

OS: Win 7 Pro
AMD Driver 19.1.1 (the latest on Vega 64 GPU)
CPU: 2700x

if someone has an idea… wether it is a Bug or I have crashed something myself…

report it on developer.blender.org. it’s due to the multi-threaded kernel compilation fix most certainly.

I mean… that reads highly technically involved.
Is that in reference to CPU+GPU or is that the GPU by itself now resolving multiple tiles at a time… I have no idea… as you can tell.

it’s reported btw

edit: it’s fixed… I guess this topic is now pretty pointless

It just got fixed, so download tomorrow’s build and you should be set.


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