2.79 Follow Path makes the keyframes uneven and adds pauses

Hi, I’m mostly on-off with Blender a lot so… my skills can be a little limiting.

I’ve currently got 2.79… (I probably should update but I haven’t seen the need and kinda (unfairly) worry that what little I have gotten into my head, may change annoying), and I’m trying to do a bit where a First Person camera is walking through a jungle area, which mostly means, right now, moving the camera around a pre-made path. I drew the path with a Grease pencil, converted it to Poly curve (no special reason for picking that but I tried a few and it’s just what happens to be working right now) but the keyframes for the animation, and the camera movement itself, has big gaps between the keyframes, and the frames themselves are kinda randomly placed so it’s not an even smooth movement. If the gaps were removed, I think it would be much better (and I kinda do this via the Dope Sheet) but I’m not sure what it keeps adding them when tell the camera (in this case, inside an empty with a soft body which I as reading a tut on saying about it can be good and useful for smoother movement) and I add the Follow Path, it just creates the frames with the gaps…

any ideas? I did look for this but I’m probably using the wrong key words.