2.79 problem - bones (suddenly) not moving

Oh Crap!

I’ve got a 2.79 project that has 2 rigged characters, and they were working just fine. I was playing around with adding poses to the Pose Library on one of them.

SUDDENLY neither of the armatures are pose-able. If I try to rotate a bone with the mouse, everything looks like it should - arrows and rotate gizmo - but the bone doesn’t move.

What have I done?


Hey, Open a new file and ‘Append’ them, see if you have control over them

Yep. Tried that. (I was just about to post an update)

Appended characters are OK !

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New project, append characters, everything OK.
New project, append scene, everything OK.


Do you have “Rest Position” activated? If so, change it to Pose Position.

Yes, but thanks.


Since I was able to append the entire scene, I am good-to-go.

But still curious,… what the heck happened???