2.79 problem: How to change hotkey for plane locking

Something changed in Blender 2.79 from 2.78 where my custom hotkey setup doesn’t allow me to engage plane locking via [Shift]+left clicking on axis.

I’ve been searching around but can’t figure out what’s changed and/or what I need to modify to enable the plane locking feature again. This is proving fairly annoying because it’s a feature I used semi-regularly.

My keymap. Help would be much appreciated!

Your keymap has translate modal map containing confirm on release, so the G key has to be pressed down, also when excluding an axis with shift+x/y/z. Alternative way is to use shift + middle mouse to select it.

The modal map also contains separate proprties for each exclusion axis, orientation x/y/z plane

Hey, JA12, appreciate the response. Yes, my keymap utilizes confirm on release, but I’m uncertain how that’s conflicting with the plane locking? I tried changing it so I don’t have confirm on release but it still doesn’t resolve the issue.

I’m uncertain what you mean by your other comments. It would be very helpful if you can guide me to the specific function name that I could search for in the input search box to modify.

The default for plane locking is shift+axis. The settings require to hold down G the whole time and excluding axis with that would mean pressing down G and then press shift+Z for example, and then let go of G.

It’s a translate/rotate/scale hotkey and each has multiple settings as transform modal map, but no hotkeys set for the plane orientation until you add them. Don’t know where it gets the shift+axis.

i checked the key configuration quickly and have no further interest in such custom setups.

Thanks for the response.

I probably should’ve clarified, but the desired workflow is [Shift]+left click on an axis on the transform manipulator.

I actually didn’t know that you can engage the plane locking via [Shift]+axis hotkey. But this actually works even with my confirm-on-release transform modal setup, so it doesn’t look like it’s the problem.

I guess the hotkeys is a way around the problem, but it’s not as intuitive as using the [Shift]+left click button, so it’d be great to figure this out.