2.79 Rigify Bone Rolls problem

I have decided to just deal with the issue of pitchipoy feet needing to be straightforward or the foot roll stops working correctly. However, right now since the Blender 2.79 version of Rigify currently auto-generates bone rolls (instead of using the metarig’s rolls I suppose), the bone rolls for my rig’s hands are like 40 degrees off.

I don’t see any options to use custom bone rolls or fix rolls, so the only fixes for it I can see are to straighten the bones and keep guessing the positions to match up with the generated rolls, or manually adjust all the rolls in the rig after creation (by all, I mean the entire limb and all the layers, because the entire limb is affected).

Is there an alternative fix or like custom rolls would be a feature request or something?
I found a way to really help my animating but I need correct rolls for it to work properly.

2.78c is the last official release. If you are using a nightly build and having issues, move to an official version. To my knowledge, there are no current bugs with any of the rigify code or rig types in the latest release.

I may not be understanding the issue fully, so feel free to add a blend or some screenshots to show the issues you are having.

Good luck!

I call Daily: 2.79 because that’s basically what it is: 2.79 before official 2.79 release.
It’s not a “Blender” issue, it’s a Rigify thing. https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.79/Add-ons#Rigify

You can ignore all the below if you want, I remembered that these builds are for finding>reporting>fixing problems before it becomes the final product. Then saw the report area includes a tag for Add-ons and if nothing else, that’s for reporting add-ons included in Blender, which Rigify definitely counts: I reported it here: https://developer.blender.org/T51928

The rest of this is me talking about 2.79 version, why it’s better and something it’s (currently) doing wrong.
I found out that the DEF-bones, at least for IK, will (in the end) follow the control bone’s rotation axis and not all the other MCH bones, so I can temporarily just correct those bones until (hopefully) it’s fixed.

Unless something significant occurs between now and “official” release, all the old Rigify rigs will be deprecated/unavailable requiring use of the “new” rigs which, excluding the experimental super_chain, are essentially modifications/updates to pitchipoy.

The thing is, the new system has some new options, like Auto-script-linking/Bone Group layer colors/Manual Rig target (name the rig before generation, instead of rig and rig_ui.py).
The rigs also have some new things like enabling/disabling Ik following torso or root, and switching IK between Pole Target (the balls not connected to anything) and the two arrows that you just rotate.

But enough about reasons I think 2.79 Rigify is better than the previous version:

In 2.78- Rigify, bones are generated while keeping the metarig’s bone rolls.
In 2.79+ Rigify, bones are generated using an automated bone-rolls calculation.
This can result in incorrect bone rolls.

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Report is invalid.
Solution is to change the Arm’s Rotation Axis (under Limb Type) from Automatic to X Manual

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Thanks for sharing the solution and the links. I was unaware of the new changes coming in 2.79.