2.79 vs 2.9 transform options

First time posting. I’ve recently upgraded hardware so I can finally start playing with the newer versions of blender.

In 2.79 the transform controls were in the bottom header and were window independent. I could have the widget set to global move in one window and at the same time have the same bone set to local rotation in another window. Any variation was possible in different windows.

In 2.9 those controls seem to be split apart to different menus and toolbars and the control no longer seems to be per window. If I switch from global to local, it switches all 3d views.

Does anyone know if there is a way to get independent control of the transform orientation and widget display in different windows?



When making seperate windows in blender you can choose to have then linked or independant. Its in the windows dropdown if you are making a new one. There are a few quirks to the new interface so i would suggest making some .blend projects to use as templates to save as default startup

Thanks. I’m using 2.90.1 and there doesn’t seem to be any choices like you were talking about in either the window or view menus. And I should have been clearer in that I’m not looking for a new window as much as a split area within the main window. Two 3d views next to each other in the main window, but with different widgets and transform orientations for the same object or bone. I hope they didn’t just get rid of that option in the newer versions.