2.79b more stable than 2.8 of Blender right now?

I’ve been wondering, is the current version, 2.79b more stable than the Cadidate Release of 2.8 for animation production?

It’s just…I’ve thought of doing an animated series with Blender as my program, but I’m unsure which I should use at the moment. I do plan on switching to 2.81 version of Blender in the future for a CGI series I’m developing right now.

I would like to know if it is before I download the latest version of 2.8.

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Blender 2.8rc1 it’s super stable but you can wait for a couple of days for the official stable release

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I’m going to be waiting for the official release date to 2.8. For now, I’ll use 2.79b for modeling of characters to my CGI series.

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Yes, 2.79 is more stable, but you should go with 2.8 anyway. Less pain down the line.


So, 2.8 is the best option for my CGI series? I’ll wait out for the full stable release of the version before I do any productive modeling for my series.

Up until master is open for new features, the release version won’t be any more stable than the nightlies. Go ahead and use the nightlies.

For (low budget) production I recommend you stop downloading nightlies for a while after master opens, then resume using them as Blender approaches another release.

For high budget production you probably want to build your own version and mandate it across the studio because obviously there’s more than your own job at stake.


Just that, this is an independent series with only volunteers as actors for the human scenes. No studio is involved in the series production.

Nightlies? That’s a new word for me with using Blender. I’ve never heard of nightlies before until now.

What if I wait until October for 2.81? Would that be at least better for my production?

I am currently using both for various features and i think this will go one for at least 1 or 2 years!

Just in case if you guys want to know why I ask about the stable versions:

My CGI series is a drama TV-style series which will be using live human footage combined with computer graphics in the use of producing some “mid-quality” live action series that’s going to be shown on YouTube in a runtime of 45 minutes.

So, that’s the reason why I am asking about the stability of Blender’s 2.79b and 2.8 versions.

Nightlies as in nightly builds featuring commits and bugfixes from the previous day, available here: https://builder.blender.org/download/

I see. But, what would happen to my files as I install those features to my downloaded Blender version? It said it would be unstable, mess up the files. Should I be careful which build I’ll be using?

The computer I bought will be 64-bit, from what I saw on the spec part I bought along with it. Will it become a bit more stable for the 2.79b stability of Blender? A clear explanation on that will be useful for me.

I’ve used nightly builds since 2010, and I’ve wound up with an unusable file exactly twice, where on both occasions I just lost maybe 10 minutes of work thanks to autosaves.

But if you’re that scared, by all means go with 2.79, you’ll feel better if nothing else.

I’m not exactly scared. I just don’t want to lose hours of work when I begin modeling of the CGI characters, ships, planets, and making the special effects. You understand, don’t you?

I’ve never had a “corrupt” file, but I’ve had files (just a few minutes ago actually) which will crash RC1. Except this once, I have always been able to append models etc into a fresh file. I only use 2.79 for certain import tasks.

So, all I have to do is being careful with my files. Is that what you’re saying?

I take backup of blend files I need to work on - I open it and do an incremental save, just in case. That’s about the limit of my “carefulness”. I’ve expanded and modified my linked math library file with no issues whatsoever.

Then again, I only do a special kind of “interiors” the few times I do them, and otherwise I’m mostly into materials.

Blend files that you will save with the blender 2.8 you can’t open on blender 2.79 ,so backup your blender 2.79 blends and your ready to go

Still think that 2.79 is the more stable one. And when will there be the finally final version of 2.8. l’m tired of downloading a new version all the time.

Later this week, barring showstoppers of course. A lot of bugs are being reported so one can hope :slight_smile:

To be on the really safe side i would even recommend exporting important scene as obj, it’s save me more than once believe me.