2.7x UV Unwrapping Bug

Is anyone else having issues with the UV editor in 2.7x?

I cant get vertex snapping to work and also I’m finding that some meshes UV’s aren’t being exported correctly. I’ve had to revert back to 2.69 to get my UV’s to export correctly & without snapping I’m finding it almost useless to work in 2.7x.

(I’m exporting to .fbx for use with UDK)

Two different issues… one is FBX exporting… and one is vertex snapping.

I understand this, I was hoping for confirmation from anyone else to see if anyone else was having similar issues with either of these reports or if it was just something I may have inadvertently caused myself.

I have been able to test on another computer that the snapping bug is an actual bug. it only happens when you have the snap target set to active though. I haven’t had a chance to test the exporting bug on another computer yet.