2.8 - 11 may version (very unstable)

I installed the current version, thanks for color icons, but it very unstable - every second crashes. Where can I download the previous version?

It seems like this instability was caused by the recent introduced ‚Äúpreferences autosaving‚ÄĚ feature, but those changes were reverted for now. So the next build should be fine.

No idea where to find older builds tho…

Hi, you cant, builds are automatically generated every 24 hours.
If you can reproduce a crash report it over Blender Help > Report a bug menu.

Cheers, mib

I saw there a lot of reports about today’s release.

It’s always a good thing to have a local backup. If you wish, I can upload a 5/6 build.

I will be grateful.

The introduction of the mesh batch cache (to speed up editmode I believe) is the likely culprit for many of the current crashing issues.

Clement though has already fixed many of them and continues to do so today.

In addition, a good practice to have when dealing with dev. builds is not deleting your previously downloaded build right away (so there’s a good chance of having a nice stable build when a new one is unstable).

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