2.8 2 new features i liked ...

Hi , notice the pixelated textures , and the realtime shadows :smiley:

this is the first time that i feel , like i’m using a very good engine …


very cool
are they both realtime?

why would you want pixely textures?

Believe it or not, sometimes is usefull. But can’t remember right now an example for it.
By the way how did you do it? I is done by material or is an option that makes all textures look the same?

Often preferable to the GE automatically blurring it out when you get close. (Which is what normally happens.)

EDIT: Why is she floating?

you would want no filtering on certain alpha planes when making objects like fences and leaves etc.

woa…didnt even realize the pixelated thing…Thats awesome :smiley:

i still want to know hoy the OP did it (using a buggy mipmap-less blenderplayer doesnt count)

I didn’t notice with the older blenders that with mipmap off
it still blurred the foreground a little.
Now it looks a little less grainy off in the distance also.
Do you need a good graphics card for real time shadows?

Do you need a good graphics card for real time shadows?
Just to get shadows to “work”, you need a decent graphics card with GLSL and OpenGL 2.0.

And if you want a decent frame rate with shadows, then yes, you need a good graphics card.

Thanks, you probably saved me 45 minutes of button clicking

I have a question: are the pixelated textures an option, or something that you’re now forced to use on everything? If it’s the latter, I won’t be happy. (Of course, I haven’t been happy since 2.25)

I hear you there PlantPerson. I miss the times when there were almost literally no weird bugs.

But yeah, explain the whole pixelated textures thing. Why is it a good thing… it that a low-res texture mapped on there that isn’t being blurred? How’d you do it, is it on by default?

I need to know about the pixelated textures also… I need it =)
Please, can you explain how to make it?

pixellated textures are good until we have proper 2d drawing commands: if you want a hud element (say, a health bar) to look right you’re not gonna want it to be pixellated, or it looks blurred. Occasionally the blurring makes lettering hard to read too, but there should’t really be an issue there because of the texture sizes blender can smoothly support.
…It’s also useful if you have a ridiculously slow video card, and the interpolation hits the framerate. but in that case, it’s about time to stop using your 2600 as a PC. XD

The spot shadows are nice (that is, great), but I’m still waiting for sun lamps to support support them. Until then, I won’t be using shadows to much extent…

pixelated textures are turned on only when mipmaps are turned off .

Thanks 3DGURU, really I need this in my “little” project =)
Blender is awersome… I tryed it many years ago but with no good performance… now the things are really diferent.

PS: No news about Ashsid and his video to texture plugin ?
I missed this also =/ … I hope some one can make it for BGE again …

thats cheating xD, when the textures are far away the aliasing is terrible