2.8 A few tips when working with heavy mesh in edit mode

Hi guy’s i just want to share a few tips so far when editing heavy mesh 1 millions +.

First i hope you have at least 16 GB of ram since some operations will literally kill your machine.

tip #1- When you need to delete part of a heavy mesh with ctrl+i and deleting the rest often you will crash your system since the deletion can crank your ram to it’s knees so instead of doing this simply separate by selection since it is requiring less ram and it is much quicker than delete.

tip #2- When moving vertices in edit mode i think everybody could become nut with 1 millions+mesh so here a cool one i discover by accident when you move the vertex and it is at the location you want it to be then hold enter and the vertex will get immobilize there.

If i discover more i will update the thread and if you have some tips share them here to help others.


Very nice. :slight_smile:

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