2.8 - Animation on linked objects in different scenes, same file

We got many old projects that we want to revisit with Eevee, but the big problem is that in 2.79 we could animate objects and proxies individually in different scenes but still in the same file.
Now when we open an old file in 2.8 all animation depends on the first scene in the list that has keyframes on that object. Is there any solution for this?

We have around 10-15 scenes in one file, and every time one object is in two or more scenes (linked data, object or proxy), it takes keyframes from the first scene it appears in.


I’m experiencing the same issue. I’m trying to create assets in the master scene and then multiple scenes for camera angles/lighting changes/layouts…
Every time I move an object it moves in all the scenes.

How to unlink the transform/animation per scene?