2.8 - Bake to Vertex Colors

With 2.7 I can easily bake to vertex colors using Blender Internal, but for 2.8 and Cycles I found only some inconvenient workarounds.

Is there a plan to add this feature to 2.8?


I did not find a task relative to that on d.b.o.

Merge of GSOC on Vertex Painting gave us ability to obtain Vertex Color from Weights.
But as a consequence of BI lost, we are losing this ability to bake full render or any characteristic of material to Vertex Color layer.

It is annoying when you can’t use a texture.
Can you explicit to devs what is your purpose ? Why Cycles workarounds are inconvenient ?

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I create models for an older game engine where I use vertex colors to add extra shading for whole scenery (using baked Ambient Occlusion). This is very simple with BI and it works extremely well, but how to do that in 2.8?
The workaround is about baking to a texture first, and then use an addon that finally bake from this texture to vertex colors… you must admit this is far from a convenient workflow.
I don’t have problem with sticking with 2.7, I just wanted to point out that maybe some people like me will miss such feature.

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What is the name of this addon pls.? For baking from texture to vertex color…I will find that very useful soon :slight_smile: thank you

Actually I think you can just use Bake -> Full Render for baking textures to vertex colors.

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Still missing from the most recent build :frowning: (2.80.47)

Any news on this? Have the devs mentioned anything?

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I don’t think it is planned ATM, I just stick with 2.79.

Hi, still nothing on this?

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older game engine , the feature very important… but …may be i just use 2.79 for this work. Beacuse 2.8 forgot this feature.

Even modern game engines still make heavy use of vertex colors. :man_shrugging:


Just wanted to make this known, @DanielEngler was kind enough to get this working: Bake-to-Vertex-Color. It doesn’t work exactly like the old BI Bake to vertex as you need to make material into an image, then bake image to vertex color but works for me!


Nice, but it really doesn’t do what I want - i.e. to bake Ambient Occlusion to Vertex Colors :frowning:

Well, its not quite as easy as it was in 2.7x. You need to bake the material to an image, then bake the created image to the vertex colors. Does AO not bake as expected?

Thing is, in many workflows involving baking AO to vertex colors you usually have a lot of overlapping UV islands. And you don’t want or even can’t bake colors to UV and you need baking from other nonlinked objects.

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This is not possible in my scenario. I am creating racing tracks for some game, I need to bake AO to thousands of vegetation assets generated using particle system over (tens of km long) scenery… I am not sure how to UV map this.

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Hmm… I’m going to have use for this soon… what are people experiences? The above script or one of these here:

This add-on by, I think @DanielEngler looked promising, but unfortunately I got a lot of errors… can’t understand if I did something wrong, however:

True. Had to dial back to 2.79. Tbh Blender 2.8 is missing a lot of subtle important things. The viewport performance has been very bad with displaying textures using up a lot of my memory (32 gb btw). Had to revert to 2.79 for the mean time.